Bio Sculpture Gel has a wide spectrum of colour Gels that add strength and permanent colour to the nail. Our vast array of nail colours include an A-Range and E-Range. All colour Gels soak off easily, leaving the natural nail healthy and completely undamaged.

Complementary to the E- Nail Colour Range, a high quality matching Nail Polish is available for retail. These fast-drying Polishes can be used by the client to fill between Gel application appointments, finished off with our lovely high gloss retail Bio Sculpture Top Coat.

A new Season Nail Colour Collection including the latest trending colours, is introduced by Bio Sculpture Gel twice annually.

For more on the colour wheel, psycho effects of colour, colour combinations, consulting the client and much more, CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR ONLINE NAIL ART MANUAL

Bio Sculpture Gel has a vast spectrum of permanent colour Gels, including the A-Range, and the E-Range with matching Nail Polish. Colour Gel adds strength to the nail and assures permanent colour that lasts for weeks.

Bio Sculpture Gel soaks off easily and the natural nail remains healthy and completely undamaged.


Bio Sculpture Gel brings you the latest trending colours straight from the catwalk as we introduce a new Seasonal Nail Colour collection at least twice annually.

Every March / April we launch the latest Spring / Summer Nail Colour Collection in the northern hemisphere and during August / September we bring you the latest Autumn / Winter Nail Colour Collection. As the seasons turn these collections become available in the south.


As a Professional Nail Technician, it is essential to consult your client in order to grasp what she desires. Therefore, it is important to understand the effects of different colours and how to analyse her skin tone in order to know what colours will suit her best.

Learn more about colour and skin analysis, the understanding of colour, colour combinations, the colour wheel, consulting your clients, psychological effects of colour, century fashion and much more in our online nail art manual.